Benefits of the Master’s Program

For those of you who are interested in the Affiliate U Master’s Program, I’ve put together a blog post today to hopefully answer any questions you have.

What is Inside the Affiliate U Master’s Program?

Here are the main benefits of joining the Master’s Program.

  • Done for You Template.

This is a template that has my recommended platform as well as EVERY single WordPress plugin already installed.  This will save you time and get you launched quickly.

The turnaround time on getting this to you is about one week.

  • Initial Site Review.

Once you have populated your new website with content and decided on your niche, I’ll provide a full site review.  Depending on the depth and complexity of your site, this be written or be an over the shoulder video.

  • Follow Up Reviews & VIP Line.

Whenever major strides are made on your site, or if you just want advice, there is a VIP email address that can be used to get consulting on conversion aspects, site layout, which programs to promote, and overall strategy.  Basically, know that I’m in your corner, giving advice and keeping you on top of your game, in order to fast track your efforts into being a successful affiliate marketer.

  • Niche Selection.

For anyone needing advice on a niche to promote, this is a personal consultation.  After filling out an initial questionnaire, you get a consult with me and I suggest an action plan.

  • Group Projects.

For those of you who want to work as a cohesive unit, I am launching several group projects where you can essentially leverage the power of my own websites to participate in various niches.  We’ll also have in house projects that will be presented.  The goal here is to create a super affiliate team that can work as a unit and earn money together.

  • Two Free Mastermind Tickets.

Time and place are TBA.  We will be doing a Mastermind and meet-up on an annual basis.  There will be free entry for all Master’s Program members.


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Using SEO Methods in Affiliate Marketing

Let’s face it, getting organic search engine traffic is quite possibly the most profitable way to make money on the Internet these days.

Paid advertising is expensive, and you never know when you can’t get an ideal CPA.  So today, we’ll talk about how you can become an SEO expert.

If you leverage SEO expertise with affiliate marketing, you can set yourself up for some SERIOUS success.

There is no hard and fast rule in how to become a SEO professional but there are certain qualities and skills that an SEO expert should have. These traits will help him become an expert in no time provided if he works with dedication and practices regularly.

An SEO expert should have technical skills and have substantial knowledge about internet protocols, HTML coding skill and understanding of what works and what does not.

There are certain skills that an SEO must have:

  • Quality content writing skills: Since search engines look for content therefore a good SEO must have the ability to produce quality content. Besides that you must know how to optimize for keywords meaning that all these keywords must exclusively be a part of your website.
  • Analytic skills: The SEO must be able to track and define the behavior of the users as this will tell you how profitably you have optimized your website. Having sufficient knowledge about JavaScript can prove helpful, however it’s not obligatory for search engine optimization.
  • Personality: This is one of the most significant skills. It depends a lot on how the SEO carries out the tasks. This is more like a trait than a skill, this probably something you must never disregard. The expert must have an exceptionally strong communication and teamwork skill because until you are multi-skilled you will be working with various teams on this job. Knowing how search engines are used is preferably advised. As this will help you search tools that analyze the performance of your competition.
  • Service oriented: SEO is a service that is quite different from other services. It is even about that after ales, before the sales, relations and ties with customers and particularly satisfied and happy clientele. Being good does not matter if you have a number of dis-satisfied customers because you won’t be around for much long. Besides the above mentioned qualities a good SEO must have happy customers. If you really want your referrals to shine and have an established business then you should be service oriented and your major focus should be on your customers.

This is a simple guide to becoming an SEO expert, following the above steps will definitely give you a kick-start and you will surely end up being an expert. Though you must remember never to give up learning, the day you stop learning, the very day you start going backwards and ultimately out from the market!

Study: Affiliate Marketing to Reach Over $6.8 BILLION Over Next 5 Years

If this isn’t a signal that now is the time to get involved in affiliate marketing, I don’t know what is.

$6.8 Billion Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer NOW

A recent study published on this page announced that Forester Research, in conjunction with Rakuten Marketing, announced these staggering figures.

Here are the bullet points worth reporting, along with a strong comment I pasted below.

  • Affiliate Marketing is growing at a 10% compound growth rate
  • $4.2 Billion in sales were credited to affiliates in 2015.
  • The report credits “content” and “content delivery” as the main catalyst for this growth.

(Content delivery is one of the key components taught inside this over the shoulder course on how to make money online.)

Future of Affiliate Marketing

Here’s a powerful quote on where the industry is headed.

I’ve hacked my way around generating a FULL time living (much more than that of Doctors, Lawyers, and other business professionals in most years) from anywhere I wish, thanks in large part to affiliate programs.  I’ve found that simply having a website, a topic, and access to the Internet allows me to travel, spend time with family and friends, and create my own destiny.  I recently visited the Cayman Islands and didn’t miss a beat.  I’ve also become a regular at industry events like the recent Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, 2016, where I can not only mingle with other affiliate marketers, but also find out about anything that is trending online before it really hits the masses.

With stats showing a growth trend, now is the time to learn all the tips and tricks to become your own boss and create an online business endeavor you can do from anywhere.  It’s not a four hour work week, but boy does it yield flexibility and financial success when done properly.  If you have any questions, please contact me.  (Contact information is on the home page.)

In my “Masters Program,” I personally mentor you in how to structure your website for success.  This is in addition to the over 100 hours (and counting) of over the shoulder videos inside the library at Affiliate University.

Join many people already on the journey to freedom, and thank me later.


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Doing Online Marketing from Grand Cayman

The beauty of being an online marketer is that you can work from virtually anywhere.  So far, in 2016, my travels have taken me to Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West, Minnesota for the world’s largest Charitable Ice Fishing tournament, (almost 20,000 people attend!) and most recently, the Cayman Islands.

Affiliate Marketing Cayman Islands Style!

The best part about using the Internet to generate an income online is that I never miss a beat with any of my businesses.


Because as an 0nline marketer, I can work from anywhere I can connect to the web.  Heck, even if I can’t, I simply create content and wait until I do find an Internet connection and upload it all when time permits.  It’s really the only way to have complete freedom, be nomadic, and travel the world.  Not that I want to be a nomad – I like routines and enjoy getting into a groove and being in my home office, but when someone calls you and says “Cayman Islands.  Friday” – it’s amazing to simply reply – “in.”

In my affiliate marketing training program, Affiliate U, you’ll see that when you sell other people’s products online via a website, YouTube, or even another property, that you have the luxury of being entirely mobile.  No inventory.  No mess.  No employees, unless you elect to outsource any part of your operation.  When you grow larger, you certainly will want to look into doing so.  I outsource a lot of items, but started as an absolutely bootstrapped, twenty hour per day content writing machine.   I share all of my methods, plus much more, on the inside of this exciting new training program.

I couldn’t be happier in life.  Making money on the Internet from wherever I choose to be.  It’s even more of a bonus for my son, who gets to see the world and experience so much more because I’m not tied down to an office job or have any higher ups to answer to.

Life is all about making a change.  Grabbing life by the horns and running with it.  Here’s some photos of my recent trip.  Hope to see you on the inside of Affiliate University very soon, so you can start having similar journeys.

Oh, by the way.  I came home for just 36 hours. I’m back on the road to my second home country of Costa Rica.  This time I’m bringing a few students I’ve come to know very well over the course of the last year.  I can’t wait!

Cayman Island Sunset

Is there anything more gorgeous than this?

Cayman Islands Vacation

Affiliate marketing allows me to spend more time with my son.

Cayman Island Buried in the Sand

Of course, it wasn’t all work. I had some time to relax as well.

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