Study: Affiliate Marketing to Reach Over $6.8 BILLION Over Next 5 Years

If this isn’t a signal that now is the time to get involved in affiliate marketing, I don’t know what is.

$6.8 Billion Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer NOW

A recent study published on this page announced that Forester Research, in conjunction with Rakuten Marketing, announced these staggering figures.

Here are the bullet points worth reporting, along with a strong comment I pasted below.

  • Affiliate Marketing is growing at a 10% compound growth rate
  • $4.2 Billion in sales were credited to affiliates in 2015.
  • The report credits “content” and “content delivery” as the main catalyst for this growth.

(Content delivery is one of the key components taught inside this over the shoulder course on how to make money online.)

Future of Affiliate Marketing

Here’s a powerful quote on where the industry is headed.

I’ve hacked my way around generating a FULL time living (much more than that of Doctors, Lawyers, and other business professionals in most years) from anywhere I wish, thanks in large part to affiliate programs.  I’ve found that simply having a website, a topic, and access to the Internet allows me to travel, spend time with family and friends, and create my own destiny.  I recently visited the Cayman Islands and didn’t miss a beat.  I’ve also become a regular at industry events like the recent Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, 2016, where I can not only mingle with other affiliate marketers, but also find out about anything that is trending online before it really hits the masses.

With stats showing a growth trend, now is the time to learn all the tips and tricks to become your own boss and create an online business endeavor you can do from anywhere.  It’s not a four hour work week, but boy does it yield flexibility and financial success when done properly.  If you have any questions, please contact me.  (Contact information is on the home page.)

In my “Masters Program,” I personally mentor you in how to structure your website for success.  This is in addition to the over 100 hours (and counting) of over the shoulder videos inside the library at Affiliate University.

Join many people already on the journey to freedom, and thank me later.


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