Benefits of the Master’s Program

For those of you who are interested in the Affiliate U Master’s Program, I’ve put together a blog post today to hopefully answer any questions you have.

What is Inside the Affiliate U Master’s Program?

Here are the main benefits of joining the Master’s Program.

  • Done for You Template.

This is a template that has my recommended platform as well as EVERY single WordPress plugin already installed.  This will save you time and get you launched quickly.

The turnaround time on getting this to you is about one week.

  • Initial Site Review.

Once you have populated your new website with content and decided on your niche, I’ll provide a full site review.  Depending on the depth and complexity of your site, this be written or be an over the shoulder video.

  • Follow Up Reviews & VIP Line.

Whenever major strides are made on your site, or if you just want advice, there is a VIP email address that can be used to get consulting on conversion aspects, site layout, which programs to promote, and overall strategy.  Basically, know that I’m in your corner, giving advice and keeping you on top of your game, in order to fast track your efforts into being a successful affiliate marketer.

  • Niche Selection.

For anyone needing advice on a niche to promote, this is a personal consultation.  After filling out an initial questionnaire, you get a consult with me and I suggest an action plan.

  • Group Projects.

For those of you who want to work as a cohesive unit, I am launching several group projects where you can essentially leverage the power of my own websites to participate in various niches.  We’ll also have in house projects that will be presented.  The goal here is to create a super affiliate team that can work as a unit and earn money together.

  • Two Free Mastermind Tickets.

Time and place are TBA.  We will be doing a Mastermind and meet-up on an annual basis.  There will be free entry for all Master’s Program members.


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