Search Engine Optimization for Review Sites

When you become an affiliate marketer, you essentially become the editor of a review style website.

You don’t have to be a typical product or service review site, however.  Your site can have the ebbs and flows of a blog, yet simply be a blog about a certain topic or product niche.

Whatever the case may be, it can be difficult to gain inbound links if it’s apparent that you are simply trying to sell people products in order to earn a commission.

So today, we talk about what you can do differently from the rest of the gang out there trying to do the same exact thing, yet benefit from the power of people linking to your website.

SEO For Product Reviewers Made Easy

There are many methods of “being different” that I teach on the inside of my course on affiliate marketing.  Since my students pay good money for my best tips, I’m just going to give you one free one today and keep the bread and butter of what I teach strictly on the inside.

The first thing you can do to be different from every single marketer out there is get up close and personal with not only the products you are reviewing, but also the companies that they belong to.


You set up your site that reviews yacht rental companies in Miami.  You write compelling reviews of all of the companies out there that are willing to pay you a commission for any referred business.  Everything is looking great and traffic is coming in.

As an “expert” on this topic, you’ve already told your audience who you are and why you are qualified to be telling everyone this information.  You have selfies of yourself on the yachts and pics from your excursions on the water.

Now what?

Now, take this and expand this and start talking about the actual company behind the yacht tour.  Reach out to them via phone, email, or social media.  Set up an interview with them.  Get up close and personal.  Do an interview, either written or video, that you can insert on your review page.  This is very key and I will guarantee you that nobody in your niche is doing this.

When you do this, you essentially push your site’s content light years ahead of the competition.  You are doing something so unique, that most marketers are simply too lazy to even try to emulate you in this task.

Your search engine optimization comes in the form of a social media push (agree to this with the vendor prior to doing the interview, but they usually have no problem giving you a nod on social once everything is up and looking nice) by the company itself!  So not only do you get them doing your social for you, but if it goes well they will use it in their own marketing efforts.  You never know where this will end up.  Many times, small local newspaper publications can pick up stories like this and you can earn a link from them.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Something to ponder.  Of course, there’s a lot more like this inside Affiliate University.

Stay thirsty, my friends.  And please remember to follow my YouTube Channel, where you can see what I’m up to, get educated, and wonder why on Earth I’d leave Florida to go do stuff like this….

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Affiliate University Student Slams $10,000 in One Week!

He’s been a student for a mere five months.  Gregory Ortiz is a deadly SEO sniper, but when I saw this earnings report my jaw about hit the floor.

Call it skill, call it finesse, or call it learning affiliate marketing.  Gregory just hit a huge windfall of cash this past week.  He notified our Facebook Group of his huge success and got a WILD reaction.

Affiliate Marketing Earnings

Get used to it.  We’re breeding success here at Affiliate U!  Gregory is just one of many students who put his mind to it and got it done.

Affiliate Marketing can be very powerful.  You are simply connecting consumers with brands and products they ALREADY know about it!

It’s a very simple process.  You just need to have the right set up.

Kudos to Gregory for leading the way.

To many more!

The post Affiliate University Student Slams $10,000 in One Week! appeared first on The Official Blog of Affiliate University.

from The Official Blog of Affiliate University