9 Ways to Become a Super Affiliate Marketer

Have you ever heard the term “Super Affiliate” and wonder just how you can go from the average every day affiliate to a “super” affiliate?

I once tried to answer that question. I struggled to make things work.  I wasn’t making enough money.  But then, after I figured out a few things, I hit my stride and found a way to work anywhere I want, travel any time I please, and really enjoy life.

Today I’m going to share with you 9 ways I’ve carved out that form a guide on how you can from from an average Joe with an average income to a high powered affiliate rock star with a budding business and affiliate program directors chomping at the bit to obtain your traffic.

9 Tips to Being a Super Affiliate

#1:  Know Your Product

This is the best advice I can give.  When you know your product and can speak eloquently about it, you have a much higher chance at converting clicks to customers.  If you are entering a niche you have very little knowledge about, (which does happen from time to time as new trends emerge or as you find out a website you own simply has traffic in an area that you aren’t too knowledgeable about) you MUST learn about the product as soon as humanly possible.  Use Google to your advantage and soak up information.  Attend seminars, schedule a meeting with someone who you can ask to be your mentor on the topic.  Do whatever it takes to educate yourself, because in the end, knowledge is power.

#2:  Know Your Audience

There are people out there who have a want and a need.  Your job is to find their pain points and connect the dots.  If you are promoting a weight loss product, ask your audience if they are “sick and tired of having belly fat.”  That’s a pain point right there and a clear problem.  Give them a solution and do it in a manner where you talk them into becoming a better person because of the amazing things your product can do for them.

#3:  Content is King

I love to write, so this comes very naturally to me. If you don’t love to write, become a YouTube sensation and record videos on the topics you want to cover because you MUST have numerous messages for people to stumble upon.  Search Engines love content, and so do readers.  Give them a virtual library of resources on whatever topic you are covering.

#4:  Persona Hack

This is a very key component of my online course.  I teach you how to be personable with your readers and connect with them on levels they weren’t expecting when the first stumbled into you.  If you aren’t giving your readers a clear picture of who you are, you are leaving out a very important step.

#5:  Do The Math

If you put in x amount of hours on your website or marketing efforts, what will that generate in revenues?  The first 1-6 months will generally be a ramp up period unless you have an existing website or platform for traffic, but once you obtain steady traffic and a following, find out what your return on your time is.

#6:  Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help

Ask a friend or family member to contribute to the website or YouTube channel.  Give people another voice to hear and follow.  People like variety are are engaged when you mix up your messages.  You can also outsource content and video work to really heat up your followers.

#7:  Be like TMZ

Ever notice how TMZ is on top of every trending story involving celebrities?  They have people watching news wires and contacting relevant insiders for information.  Become the person who “scoops the story” in your niche.  Inside Affiliate U, you’ll find many examples of how you can get news that your competition is NOT getting.  It can be the difference of getting people to your website before the big news outlets have a chance to grab all the traffic.

#8:  Network

Are there any meet-ups or conferences that you can attend about your topic?  If so, make a point to attend them.  If you attend events like these, bring business cards.  You may meet someone you can interview on your website, which builds authority and credibility.  You can also meet new contacts to find products to promote in your niche, or just meet new people that will shed new light on your niche and perhaps get you to think about it in a different light.

#9:  Relax

It takes time to grow into a super affiliate.  For every person out there making it look easy, know that they have put in hours upon hours of time and thought into making their business what it is.  If it was as simple as folding napkins, the space wouldn’t have room for anyone. It’s simply a game of outworking others in your space coupled with longevity.

Find a topic, incorporate these steps, and be on your way be to becoming a super affiliate marketer!

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