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I’m not going to lie, being mobile and able to do whatever I want 100% of the time (barring some event my son must attend for school or sports) is the #1 perk of being an affiliate marketer.  Today I’m going to share with you what the first half of 2016 looked like so you can see what the life of a long time affiliate marketing guru looks like.

What It’s Like to Be an Affiliate Marketing Guru

First off, I’ll add that I love to travel. You’ve probably picked that up from my post about working in Grand Cayman.  For me, there is nothing more educational than learning how other cultures make things happen and go through daily life.  I like to explore, play rare golf courses, (rather – hack around on their course), enjoy local cuisine, and maybe pick up a new language along the way.  I believe that getting outside of my comfort zone helps me expand my mind and become a more rounded person.  Living in the slums of Nicaragua as an exchange student in the year 2000 was my first venture into “bizarroworld” but it certainly wasn’t the last.

I’m going to recap what I was able to do over the first six months of 2016, and try to recall the play by play as I remember it.

January 2016 Travel and Events

I’m not a big new years person. I like to avoid anything that’s commercialized because it brings out everyone who holes up for 90% of the year and who come out to celebrate like it’s their first rodeo.  New Years brings out 50% inflation on the same drinks you can drink #OnaTuesday and has people who rarely drink hammering down shots of tequila and chasing it with bubbly.  That’s a recipe for a lot of puke and a nasty hangover.

For those reasons, I started off my year lounging around my house and watching college football.  Sure, I had a few libations, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Affiliate Summit West 2016 After about a week of trying to kick off my New Years Resolution of getting down to the weight I carried around in college, I had an event in Las Vegas to attend that essentially was one of the starting points of Affiliate U.  It was Affiliate Summit West 2016, and I was pretty stoked to be there.

Spending four days in Vegas allowed me to meet up with industry and local Vegas friends as well as attend an event and meet up with new people.  Being able to pick up and go there, as well as keep up with all my business online, was something that made the 5 and a half hour trip that much easier.  When you add in the fact that most domestic flights offer WIFI services, I rarely miss a beat with work.

I stayed at Aria, which was a change from the place I’m very loyal to, being the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas.  It was a letdown, but I wanted to try something different and it was a nice hotel, but it wasn’t a Wynn Property by any means.  Vegas was fun.  I won some money, saw some friends, made new ones, and left with my tail between my legs after the Vikings lost a game they certainly should have won.  Other than that, it was a great trip.

I came home from Vegas and had a full week off to prepare for my next trip to Grand Cayman.  One of my best friends was heading there with his family and he invited my son and I to meet up with with him and his family, which made the trip extra special.  I had visited the Cayman’s many times, but bringing my son to the beach (and see the joy on his face for being able to miss school) was a game changer.  I worked on my laptop on the beach when I needed to and had drink service and shade at my disposal.  It was truly relaxing and of course even that much better being able to see life long friends that I consider family.

Cayman Islands 2016

Would you like this to be your office?

With another week gap to sort out life at home I was quickly returning back to the road as we had our annual Ice Fishing Tournament in Brainerd, Minnesota.  While the Ice Fishing Gala was cancelled since the ice wasn’t thick enough, that didn’t stop us from having fun and playing plenty of poker and boot hockey.  It’s always fun re-uniting with my college friends.  We pick up right where we left off the last time we saw one another.

I didn’t make this video, and it’s from the 2015 tourney, but for those who have always wondered “What the heck is an ice fishing contest?”…..well, it’s the best I can do to answer that question!

Business called and I was needed down in Costa Rica to explore some expansion opportunities for my skin care company.  It’s never a bad thing to have to be in Costa Rica, a place I lived for several years and enjoy visiting many times each year.  I had some Internet Marketing friends join in the fun and watched the Super Bowl from one of my favorite places on Earth, the Marriott Los Suenos Resort & Marina.

Costa Rica 2016

If you look closely, you’ll notice I’m holding chicken legs. These were used to feed giant crocodiles. Don’t ask!

With just a two week break between trips, I was called by a great friend I’ve helped mentor in affiliate marketing, Gregory Ortiz.  He’s front and center in the photo above on his first trip to Costa Rica.  He was considering a move to Puerto Rico and wanted me to accompany him on his trip to look at houses.  Hey, I showed him my old stomping grounds, so why not check out a place he’s looking at relocating to?

I’d never been to Puerto Rico and found it very enjoyable.  We even put our heads together to get some work done!

Working From Anywhere and Creating Wealth

I was barely unpacked from Puerto Rico and it was off to Copper Mountain in Colorado for some skiing with family friends.  Four other families joined my son and myself in a mountain retreat where we enjoyed skiing, snowboarding, sledding, enjoyed the hot tub, and each others company for 6 days in lovely Colorado.  I didn’t miss a beat with any work and found myself getting more ideas for content than ever being that I was in an entirely different environment.

Skiing 2016

Our annual Fort Lauderdale family & friends ski trip is all about the kids.

With a week off from skiing, it was time to get some work done.  A hard week in the office was spent before going back to Las Vegas, this time for an OMG Machines Meet up.  You’ll see my full review of this educational course which is really more like a brotherhood of Internet Marketing Minds, in an upcoming blog entry.  If you have questions about it and don’t want to wait for that, join my email newsletter or email sales AT and I’ll be happy to share my take on this dynamic course.

The event was great, and it coincided with Alex Becker’s book release.  I work with Becker, who has an incredible resume already and isn’t even 30 years old, in Source University.  I’ll elaborate on that in an upcoming blog as well.  To see so many friends and colleagues was incredible, especially because the Vegas sun was a big change from the Mountains of Colorado.

You’d think I’d just want to relax when I was at home in Sunny Florida, right?

Instead, I had 5 college friends visit me just after tax day.  While we failed at our goal to catch a shark with the unforgettable “Mark the Shark,” the famous Miami fishing captain, we still enjoyed the time on the water.  My son caught this fish below, and it made his day.

Shark Fishing Gone Wrong

Not exactly a shark, but he was happy.

May brought the NBA Playoffs and I was there in row three to watch my beloved Miami Heat.  While we ended up losing to the Raptors, they fought hard for a team that was without star Chris Bosh and I’m really looking forward to next season.  May once again had me back in Las Vegas where I was networking for the ICSC expo.  I also got some down time with friends and was able to enjoy myself a bit more than usual.

On June 9th, my son got out of school and we headed directly to the airport to spend the first 11 days of Summer in Minnesota.  That trip just concluded with an unforgettable baseball game between the Twins and the visiting New York Yankees.  I had friends visit during my time in Minnesota, which made it that much more special.  Showing people around my home State is something I truly enjoy.

Twins Baseball 2016

As I wrap up this blog post, I’m about to get back to the grind.  Writing content, checking out search engine results, and more importantly, looking at sales figures.  This was a very brief summary of all the things I recall from the first six months of 2016.  I know for a fact I’ve left out more than a dozen unforgettable memories, but when you love what you do, every day is full of memories.

If you are interested in working remote, creating your own lifestyle like this, and having a mentor all along the way, get the Affiliate U Training Course and I’ll look forward to hearing about your own journeys as well.

To another great six months and the start of Summer!

Professor Tim 




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